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Sara Martha

Certified Reiki Practitioner

Hi, I’m Sara! 

I am a certified Mikau Usui Reiki practitioner with over ten years of experience. Through my own personal healing and wellness journey, I have developed a unique, intuitive approach to healing that integrates traditional reiki, tarot pulls, crystals and spiritual messages (mediumship). I offer reiki and healing tarot services both in-person, as well as distance.

Meet Sara

Sara Martha
Holistic Healing & Wellness

It is my belief that wellness looks very different for everyone, and that a healthy lifestyle is organically cultivated through intentional, authentic, daily actions and practices that nurture the mind, body and spirit. Wellness is not about being perfect- but is achieved by showing up for yourself every day, and mindfully honoring what is best for YOU, at any given moment. There is no one perfect diet, perfect exercise, perfect spiritual practice- personal wellness is individual. By releasing what you have been socialized to believe is a reflection of health, you can discover and create your own true, authentic style of living that is responsive and personalized to your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. 



"I did the Reiki + Healing Tarot distance session with Sara. It was a unique experience because the tarot reading tied in so seamlessly to what came up in the reiki session. Sara was able to help illuminate some deep seeded blocks and help clear them. But there were also some surprising insights that she had that helped me think about my old patterns in a new way. The tarot card reading was also extremely insightful and connected closely with my intentions for the session. Sara helped me see what valuable next steps I can take on my growth journey. Even though the session was virtual, Sara’s energy and healing guidance was very potent. She made me feel so comfortable and supported. I will definitely be a repeat client, and I highly recommend working with her!"

- Nicole

"My in-person Integrative Reiki + Healing Tarot session with Sara was a truly transformative experience. She was not only able to accurately diagnose many energetic or emotional disruptions in my life and aura, but she identified and cleared a very deep-rooted blockage that I had been struggling with for years. Through the use of her gifts, she was able to gain insights pertaining to me from my higher self, as well as from one of my spirit guides. Thanks to Sara, I have been able to develop a relationship with this guide, which has helped me in numerous ways. The tarot reading mirrored exactly what was happening in my life, and gave me the confidence to take action moving forward. At one point Sara gave me a crystal to hold, and as soon as she set it in my hand, I began to feel energy vibrating throughout my entire body! Sara’s personality and hospitality made me instantly feel welcomed, comfortable and cared for, which was important to me since our session was in-person. I would highly recommend Sara to those in need of a general energy tune-up, as well as to those who are looking for deeper, more personal insights. There is no doubt in my mind that you will leave your session feeling as amazing as I did!"

- LaMont

"Before my session with Sara, I did not go in with any preconceived notions of which direction we would go. That was actually great, because I didn’t feel any pressure from her to lean toward something specific, and I felt that it was what was in alignment with me. When we began, she made sure I felt comfortable, safe and that we were in an open environment.  We began with a body scan, and I immediately felt a sense of peace and clarity wash over my body. It felt like pure love. I was visualizing loved ones that I have had, and past lovers when she was up by my head. She handed me a rose quartz and I was overcome with emotion. I knew that it was exactly what I needed. Afterwards, we had a great conversation about what she got from the session and what was coming up for me. I felt a sense of clarity and peace with where I was headed after the session. I truly felt so much lighter! For anyone who has ever been interested in receiving reiki but has been afraid to try it, Sara is your girl. Sara helps you see the tools that you already have, and shows you ways that you can use them to grow and become who you always have been."

- Michaela

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